My three dimensional artwork has been inspired by a desire to bring linear gestural drawing out into space. My work is influenced by the play of shadows on the wall, various colorful patinas, my love of Japanese aesthetic and calligraphy, my meditation practice and by nature itself.

The “sculptural drawings” evoke a contemplative feeling through elegant line and form. Each work suggests a contemporary, free flowing brushstroke and archetypal presence. Lyrical tree-choking bittersweet is whittled down to its bone-like core, while sea-worn cedar takes on a flat-brushed elegant stroke. Copper patinas have a surface quality beautifully seasoned by time. The weathered surfaces have inspired hand-blended coloring on the wood, and each piece is a transformation from local, natural and discarded materials refined into its true essence.

There are repeating images and themes in my work. The ladder is a transcendental symbol that explores, reaches, connects, yet makes time to stand still, to rest and just be. The Enso is a Japanese circular brushstroke representing wholeness, unity and oneness.

Recently in my paintings I have expanded on the concept of stillness and being, by exploring the surface qualities of layered paints on paper. Blending them and excavating down through the colors exposes subtle riches beneath. Adding a final skin of gold helps to unify these elegant abstractions, exuding a contemplative, ethereal feeling. Each work is a mindful journey in spacemaking – inspired by the Japanese concept of “Ma.”

Ma is the pure, essential void between all things
– an emptiness, yet full of possibilities
– a resting space, or a pause between notes
– silent intervals that give form
and therefore an invitation to breathe.